Golf Swing Analysis

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Golf Fitness Program

It is no secret that individuals who play golf are athletes. Many people realize the importance of achieving a level of fitness to help them achieve their best playing ability.

Many of the best golfers in the world use a Titleist Performance Professional to help with their training and fitness management. Titleist Performance Institute teaches professionals interested in the game of golf how to improve player performance through assessment of body movement and its relation to the golf swing in a concept that is called the Body-Swing Connection.

The Titleist performance institute provides professionals with the largest library of cutting edge information that can lead to elevated performance in the game of golf.

One-way golfers seek to improve their game is by purchasing the latest equipment or newest gadget on the market. Over the last 100 years, however, all of this new technology has not proven to be successful in decreasing the overall handicap of golfers. So what IS the missing piece? Well, the main aspect that has not changed in the last 100 years of golf is the human body.

Golf fitness is designed to take a look at your body’s specific movement patterns and design a custom program for you. If you are able to move more efficiently through your golf swing, you can be more effective with your scoring

TPI Golf Training Program

Our TPI certified physical therapy team performs an evaluation that looks at your individual body and assesses your strength/flexibility/motor control/ability to generate power and how it effects your golf swing.

TPI-certified practitioners are not swing coaches or golf professionals. Technical corrections to your swing are something that a golf professional is far more qualified to help you improve. Our physical therapist will analyze your body’s physical abilities and limitations as they relate to the golf swing from a biomechanical perspective. We can work with your golf professional to help you achieve your optimal swing performance.

TPI medical professionals coordinate closely with your golf professional or swing coach to keep the lines of communication open and ensure that you are receiving the best treatment.

Key Areas Of The Assessment

  • Hip mobility
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Ankle mobility
  • Core strength/stability
  • Ability to disassociate upper body and lower body

The assessment gives you valuable information about what you can and can’t do with your golf swing due to physical limitations. The evaluation is then used to treat and remove any limitations as well as develop tailored exercises by our TPI certified personal trainers.

Benefits Of a Golf Physical Evaluation

Streamline your lessons: By knowing what physical limitations you have your golf pro can concentrate your time on the swing pattern that you are actually able to do.

Prevent quitting the game due to injury: By not placing your body in positions and motions that you are not physically able to do repeatedly with out injury, you can continue to golf pain free.

Recover quickly from an injury: By knowing what physical limitations that you have I can come up with a treatment plan as well as work with your golf pro to get you back to golf as quickly as possible.

Progress more quickly and safely: By identifying which limitations are changeable and concentrating on improving those limitations through treatment or exercise, you will be more able to achieve the golf swing that you want without spending hours at the gym.

TPI Golf Training Program Packages

Program packages offer many options from A-la-Carte programs to our Elite program.

  • Biomechanical Movement Evaluation – $150 (45min)
  • 1 on 1 Hands on Physical Therapy & Exercise Session to maximize mobility and biomechanical function for golf - $200 (1 hour)
  • Beginner Package – $500
  • 1 Biomechanical Movement Evaluation
  • 2 hands on sessions
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