Bone Density Program

the results of a bone densitometry study

Promotion of Bone Mineral Deposition

MSMPT had developed an evidence-based scientifically backed program to help promote and direct bone mineral deposition.

We are living significantly longer and have not yet had the evolutionary time to adapt to almost doubling our life expectancy over the past century. Targeted promotion of mineral deposition may and will lead to improved bone strength flexibility, load resistance and reduction of the risk of future bone related pathologies chiefly pathologic fractures.

Besides serving as a frame for all our body’s organs, our skeletal system is very involved with our hematopoietic and immune system as it serves as the only site for production of red and white blood cells. The best time to effectively direct bone mineral deposition and skeletal integration is indeed during the first 3 to 4 decades of life. However, since this period is sometimes tainted by some perception of invincibility we may not always begin bone building and postural promoting activities as early as we might need to in order to derive maximum benefits.

Bone building and postural promoting activities are variably effective throughout most phases of life including well into the aging years. Proprioceptive awareness and postural control have been demonstrated to promote respiratory capacity, energy availability as well as reduce pain producing musculoskeletal dysfunctions such as nerve compression and overworked muscles.

Why Manhattan Sports & Manual Physical Therapy is different?

We at MSMPT have developed the most perfect individually tailored, safe and progressive Physical activity program to promote your own bone mineral density, bone quality and resilience to help with your individual endeavors.

Other bone health promotion strategies such as proper nutrition, reduction of Harmful lifestyle habits and genetic predisposition are all very important as well. However, with regards to physical activity the most common advice dispensed by most health care professionals is to do weight bearing exercise. We take this important advice to heart and help decode this generalized advice by answering the age old question “ OK so what is my next step”. What type of activity, intensity, duration, safe and effective form, how and when and up to what level do I progress.

Bone health depends on multiple factors such as the presence of certain Diseases, general state of health and proper nutrition. For this reason we always prefer to coordinate your care and physical activity program with your health care team. Again, telling a person to exercise without the specifics is even a little more confusing than telling a person to eat right since there is more information readily available about nutrition than with regards to physical activity.