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We Are Proud to Offer 2 different types of Orthotics  

  • 1)   Everyday Walking Orthotics:  A skilled physical therapist will Measure , adapt, and Adjust the Orthotics  to best fit your body alignment your feet and the way you walk The price of one pair of orthotics is $185. If future adjustment are needed each adjustment session is $30.

  • 2)  Sports Specific Orthotics: We represent Tamir Kfir a world renowned sports orthotics manufacturer.  These orthotics are custom made for your feet assisted by a 3D scanning system. We individually design Sports specific orthotics to optimize your running gait, Sports specific performance, stability, support, shock absorption and ground interface as it relates to your physique and unique movement pattern , possible injuries and prevention strategies. Tamir Kfir's claim to fame / secret sauce is the unique combination of materials such an one pair of orthotics is $450 and any future adjustment $20.


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