Personal Training

a man training with the guidance of a physical therapist

Personal Training With a Physical Therapist

At MSMPT, our primary objective is to help our clients achieve sustained wellness.

Experience an elevated approach to personal training by training with a doctor of physical therapy. We work with people of all ages and fitness levels, helping them to achieve their health goals. We help competitive athletes achieve their goals and gain a deep understanding of how to safely and effectively maintain peak performance levels.

Likewise, we work with weekend warriors and recreational athletes looking to regain or improve power, speed, and longevity. We also work with individuals simply looking to improve their health through weight loss, healthy nutrition habits, and healthy fitness habits.

Our physical therapists develop personalized programs with each individual to help them accomplish their goals in the short term and sustain their goals in the long term. We work with the client to develop safer and more effective movement patterns, as well as helping them to form new, healthier lifestyle habits to serve their overall health and well-being.

Personalized Packages

At Manhattan Sports & Manual Physical Therapy, we provide a comprehensive array of personalized training packages meticulously crafted to suit your individual requirements, all readily available upon request.